Life can sure be hard and tiring at times, can't it?

We hear you. We feel it, too. That's why we founded Funny Editor!
When the overwhelm of life creeps in or when the hum of your mundane routine has you feeling down, we believe that good, clean jokes can bring some much needed delight.
There's nothing like a little laughter to pick your spirits up! At the very least, we hope you'll get a giggle or two every time you visit Funny Editor.

More jokes to keep you laughing...

three ears of yellow corn, sitting atop a wooden surface
Why is corn so popular on Thanksgiving?
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a woman sits upright, atop a mountain, looking into the sunset
What do you call an amazing day on a mountain?
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a white dog bowl filled with dog treats, against a pink background
Food & Drinks
What's a treat for both cows and dogs?
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a little wooden bowl, overflowing with walnuts, atop a wooden table
How do you make a walnut laugh?
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two parrots perched near each other on a tree limb
What do birds say to encourage each other?
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a cat standing against a police lineup
What do you call a cat that's in trouble with the police?
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